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  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Tue, 04/02/2019

    Costa Rica cocoa producers to benefit from a new development plan for the sector

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica (MAG), with the support of IICA, spearheaded an initiative to increase the competitiveness of smallholder cocoa farmers in the Northern Huetar, Caribbean Huetar and Brunca regions.

  • Mexico City, Mexico
    Tue, 04/02/2019

    Mexico and IICA will intensify cooperation actions for the development of the agriculture sector

    Víctor Villalobos Arámbula, Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Manuel Otero, the Director General of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), have committed to redouble joint efforts for the benefit of the Mexican agriculture sector.

  • San José, Costa Rica
    Fri, 03/29/2019

    Partnership between the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF) and IICA to benefit vulnerable communities in the Americas

    Programs in both organizations will focus on promoting inclusion and empowerment through initiatives targeting vulnerable communities, such as migrants, women and young people from rural areas, people of African descent, and indigenous peoples. Katie Taylor, Executive Director of PADF, and Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA discussed joint actions in the Central American Dry Corridor, Haiti and Colombia.

  • San José, Costa Rica
    Thu, 03/28/2019

    Costa Rica and IICA drive strategy for the digital transformation of the agriculture sector

    Productivity and competitiveness will be fostered through the implementation of disruptive technologies, such as drones, sensors, precision agriculture, Big Data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, among other technologies.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Wed, 03/27/2019

    IDB and IICA launch a joint work agenda for the agriculture sector

    The agenda will focus on health and safety, the bioeconomy, rural development and gene editing, as agreed upon by an IDB delegation led by Pedro Martel, Chief of the credit institution’s Environment, Rural Development and Disaster Risk Management Division, and a team led by Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Thu, 03/21/2019

    Efficient communication is key for societies to take advantage of progress in the field of genetics

    International experts and government officials from Argentina noted that gene editing is revolutionizing the biological sciences and affords valuable opportunities. They also agreed on the importance of communicating this progress in an efficient manner, in order to achieve a social consensus that would enable countries to enjoy and benefit from these developments.


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