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Flagship Projects and Agricultural Health and Food Safety

These give concrete expression to the technical cooperation of excellence that IICA offers. They are the Institute’s main instrument for achieving the contributions to agriculture in the Americas that the organization has set as its goals, designed and managed as a set of interrelated actions to be carried out over a four-year period..

IICA gives priority to the allocation of resources to the Flagship Projects (FPs) and the Agricultural Health and Food Safety (AHFS) strategic topic, as the activities they carry out are attuned to the major transformations that agriculture needs to undergo in the member countries, and to the Institute’s strategic objectives.

Some of the characteristics of the FPs are as follows:

  • They have a medium-term horizon
  • They integrate various spheres of knowledge, thus providing an interdisciplinary response to the challenges facing agriculture in the Americas
  • The results sought are clearly defined
  • Their feasibility was demonstrated before implementation got under way
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  • Competitiveness and Sustainability of Agricultural Chains

  • Inclusion in Agriculture and Rural Territories

  • Resilience and Comprehensive Risk Management in Agriculture

  • Productivity and Sustainability of Family Agriculture

  • Agricultural health and food safety

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