• Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
  • Agriculture: A priority for sustainable development in the Americas


  • San José, Costa Rica
    Mon, 06/04/2012

    Food production has increased, but inequalities threaten food security in the Americas

    To promote greater investment in agriculture, to provide incentives for research and technology transfer and to strengthen family agriculture are three of the recommendations contained in a document IICA sent to the OAS on how to increase agriculture’s contribution to food security in the Americas.

  • Mexico City
    Wed, 05/16/2012

    G20 will tackle obstacles to the achievement of global food security

    In June, the leaders of the G20 will discuss the recommendations made by the Vice-Ministers of Agriculture and other entities such as IICA for strengthening the agricultural sector and increasing its contribution to food production worldwide.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Wed, 04/25/2012

    IICA to contribute to discussions on food security at upcoming OAS General Assembly

    The Director General of IICA called for continued hemispheric efforts to combat hunger during his presentation of the Institute’s Annual Report before the Permanent Council of the OAS.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Wed, 04/18/2012

    Summit of the Americas calls for promotion of greater investment in the agriculture sector

    Mandate has its roots in the San Jose Declaration of Ministers of Agriculture 2011, signed in October of last year.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Mon, 04/09/2012

    IICA and SAGARPA issue invitation to participate in network on agriculture and the G20

    Virtual platform will enable discussion with specialists and preparation of an academic document on agriculture and food security, which will also serve as a basis for decision-making within the hemisphere.

  • Washington D.C.
    Fri, 03/23/2012

    IICA contributes to the international debate on challenges to food security posed by water scarcity

    Panelists from organizations including the World Bank, CSIS and IICA discussed global challenges to build agricultural systems to accommodate the growing populations in Latin America, South Asia and the Middle East.


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