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  • San Jose
    Wed, 11/02/2016

    Gender equality, the unresolved challenge in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Gender gaps undermine the performance of the agricultural sector. Empowering rural women is vital to eradicate hunger and poverty, an OAS expert on the subject argues.

  • San José, Costa Rica
    Wed, 11/02/2016

    Gender equity: engine for the development of family farming

    The First Lady of Costa Rica, specialists and women producers call for gender mainstreaming in public agricultural policies.

  • Pamaribo, Surinam
    Thu, 09/22/2016

    Network of rural woman producers is revitalized with support from IICA

    Efforts have begun towards the full revitalization of SUNROP, the local chapter of the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP,) to fill the leadership void for rural women producers in Suriname.

  • Trinidad and Tobago
    Tue, 05/12/2015

    IICA supports the creation of a communication platform in the Caribbean

    The initiative is among a series of workshops on knowledge management that IICA and CTA have been providing to CANROP over the past twelve months.

  • Mexico City
    Thu, 04/23/2015

    A call for gender equality in the field by means of public policies

    Gloria Abraham, IICA’s Representative in Mexico, explained that rural women in Mexico dedicate 65% more time to agricultural work than men.

  • Santiago, Chile
    Thu, 11/06/2014

    Agricultural policies should encourage the inclusion of women and youth in development

    International Conference on Public Policy and Family Farming –bringing together experts in the search for solutions to the challenges of smallholder production –comes to a close.


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