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  • Biosecurity and Disease Prevention in Back-yard Poultry

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    Biosecurity and Disease Prevention in Back-yard Poultry

  • HLB

    Grenada’s agriculture sector develops an action plan to tackle HLB

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    Argentina shares its expertise in agricultural heath and water management with Caribbean specialists

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    WTO and IICA to train professionals from 11 countries of the Americas in the application of sanitary measures for agrifood trade


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    Accredited Third-Party Certification Program and Voluntary Qualified Importer Program

  • Technical forum

    The dispute settlement system of the WTO and its relationship to sanitary and phytosanitary measures

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    Importance of assessing the impact of disasters on the livestock sector and presentation of a course in good emergency response practices

5 países del Caribe fortalecen sus conocimientos en Codex Alimentarius


IICA and the Government of Chile carried out a project that consisted of training 5 Caribbean countries to strengthen the management and knowledge of the Codex Alimentarius. How they did it?

They shared tactics to participate better in Codex meetings and generated strategies to have a greater impact on the elaboration of the guidelines that are analyzed there. They were strengthened at the national and country levels.

The initiative was financed by the Fondo Chile and executed by Achipia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Learn more about this project.


  • La Resistencia Antimicrobiana (RAM), producto del uso y el abuso de medicamentos para combatir infecciones, es uno de los principales problemas de salud pública a nivel mundial.  De manera seria y responsable, desde nuestro sector agropecuario se responde con medidas adecuadas para garantizar la inocuidad de los alimentos de origen animal.

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