• Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
  • Agriculture: A priority for sustainable development in the Americas

Agricultural markets


  • Boost for Mexican Avocado industry

    Mexican Hass avocado growers were excited to receive training in an alternative non-destructive way of determining avocado maturity.

  • Boost for Mexican Av

    Boost for Mexican Avocado industry

  • MOU Signing

    Partnering to improve productivity and environmental sustainability for small-holder farmers

  • CWA 2018

    IICA introduces Caribbean countries to a project aimed at creating a Global Center for Resilient Agriculture in Dominica

  • Agrientrepreneurship

    IICA supports young Caribbean agripreneurs in access to domestic and regional markets


  • Technical Forum

    WTO and WTO-IICA Reference Centers: Information Services for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • SPS Event


    Validation Workshop

  • GMA Science Forum

    FSMA International Implications: How Do the New Rules Change Current Practices?

Interview to Michael Morris - Lead Agriculture Economist at the World Bank Group



  • En nuestra América el 90% de la producción de cacao está en manos de agricultores de pequeña escala, mujeres y hombres que enfrentan grandes dificultades para insertarse en los mercados. Una experiencia desarrollada en Costa Rica nos demuestra que lograrlo es posible. Bajar cuña

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