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  • Agriculture: A priority for sustainable development in the Americas

Food safety


  • Technology transfer and sanitary risk prevention defined IICA’s work in Grenada in 2018

    The organization also promoted production strengthening and food trade.

  • Accountability

    Technology transfer and sanitary risk prevention defined IICA’s work in Grenada in 2018

  • Blue Flag

    Global conference in Costa Rica receives ecological award in recognition of its sustainability and food waste reduction efforts

  • Regional workshop

    Argentina shares its expertise in agricultural heath and water management with Caribbean specialists

  • Course

    WTO and IICA to train professionals from 11 countries of the Americas in the application of sanitary measures for agrifood trade


  • Webinar

    Safe Food for Canadians Act

  • Technical forum

    Accredited Third-Party Certification Program and Voluntary Qualified Importer Program

  • Workshop

    Using Geospatial Tools for Agricultural Monitoring

1. Food safety, international trade and the fishery sector


SPS Cariforum Training Videos - Food Safety Fishery Products

The SPS project is one component of the 10th EDF SPS Programme titled: "Support to the Caribbean Forum of ACP States in the implementation of the Commitments Undertaken under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)".

The outcomes of the SPS Project are intended to increase production and trade in agriculture and fisheries which meet international standards while protecting plant,animal and human health and the environment. 

The initiative is implemented by  IICA in collaboration with other institutions and it is funded by the EU.


  • Mientras nuestra agricultura hace el tránsito necesario hacia una agricultura más sustentable, es necesario mejorar la gestión que se realiza de los residuos de pesticidas. Los lechos biológicos constituyen una tecnología sencilla y económica para resguardar la salud humana y del medioambiente.

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