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Inicio: 01/04/2018 Fin: 31/12/2018 Tipo de Proyecto: Financiamiento Externo

With the increasing globalisation of trade and interconnecting complex supply chains it is becoming difficult for countries to continue to conduct individual establishment assessments and inspections (listing processes) for the large number of foreign-based manufacturing establishments involved.

Inicio: 09/03/2018 Fin: 30/04/2019 Tipo de Proyecto: Financiamiento Externo

As a continuation of the 2017 activities, this project aims to build capacity of the CACU members to implement food safety and SPS standards or regulations in line with this plan.  USDA under this agreement is providing support to IICA for implementation of this Scope of Work.

Inicio: 15/09/2017 Fin: 31/08/2020 Tipo de Proyecto: Financiamiento Externo

The proposed program will include a combination of lead instructor training, strategic workshops, webinars, and network strengthening. A diverse group of stakeholders, including FDA’s regulatory counterparts, academia, and industry representatives, will receive Training in preventive controls for human foods, produce safety, and other key FSMA rules.

Inicio: 01/02/2018 Fin: 01/02/2019 Tipo de Proyecto: Financiamiento Externo

Acciones Rápidas para la elaboración de un Mapa de Ruta de reactivación e inversión del Agro en la Península de Azuero.


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