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Strategic objectives

The four strategic objectives organize and systematize the countries’ development strategies and, consequently, IICA’s technical cooperation actions. The objectives are as follows:

  • 1. Increase the contributions of the agriculture sector to economic growth and sustainable development.
  • 2. Contribute to the well-being of all rural dwellers.
  • 3. Improve international and regional trade for countries in the region.
  • 4. Increase the resilience of rural areas and agrifood systems to extreme events.

Our model prioritizes triangular cooperation and South-South cooperation, and is geared towards efficiency, flexibility, decentralization, collaborative work and networking, with a focus on processes as well as the mobilization of human, institutional and financial resources.

Our roadmap is based on seven hemispheric programs, which lend uniqueness to IICA’s vision; channel the Institute’s programmatic actions toward the identification of cooperation actions through the design and implementation of projects; and provide technical advice and assistance to governments and other social and economic stakeholders involved in agricultural and rural life in the Americas.

The seven hemispheric programs are:

  • 1. Innovation and Bioeconomy
  • 2. Territorial Development and Family Farming
  • 3. International Trade and Regional Integration
  • 4. Climate Action and Agricultural Sustainability
  • 5. Agricultural Health, Safety and Agrifood Quality
  • 6. Digitalization of Agrifood Systems
  • 7. Gender Equality and Youth


  • 1. To be an IICA “of open doors” that es environmentally responsible and involved in the community
  • 2. To provide technical cooperation of excellence through its network of offices, adopting an interdisciplinary and targeted approach, with special emphasis on the development of a new generation of public policies.
  • 3. To foster a leadership style that strengthens and transforms agrifood systems and collective action in the countries.
  • 4. To carry out efficient administrative management based on a process culture, decentralization and results-based continuous improvement.
  • 5. To strengthen the Institute’s finances by optimizing operations, utilizing institutional resources in a rational manner, increasing the mobilization of external resources, as well as establishing strategic partnerships that complement development projects and investment.


Administrative management will be grounded in the following principle:

  • 1. Transparency
  • 2. Decentralization
  • 3. Innovation
  • 4. Efficiency and effectiveness
  • 5. Resilience
  • 6. Coordination
  • 7. Team spirit

For more information, refer to IICA’s 2022-2026 Medium-term Plan.

To Access our 2022 Annual Report click here.