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Policy on the protection of whistleblowers and witnesses

Anti-fraud Policy: Planting trust

IICA is committed to preventing, detecting, investigating, correcting and, where applicable, punishing all acts of fraud committed against the organization, whether they are committed by members of its own staff, employees of other institutions or third parties. IICA has a policy of zero tolerance for acts of fraud, meaning that all incidents of fraud are to be reported and will be investigated as appropriate. See the full text of our Anti-Fraud Policy and read a summary in this brochure.

IICA has a mechanism in place for receiving reports or complaints regarding actions that violate its Anti-fraud Policy, via email at or through the following form:

Reporting/complaint form

The content of the reporting/complaint form is for internal use only, and will remain strictly confidential. IICA guarantees that it will not undertake any action that could be intepreted as retaliation or a threat against the person filing the complaint.

Policy for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism

Code of Ethics: Cultivating our principles

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide all staff members with a guide to appropriate behaviors in the performance of our duties and decision-making. Its objective is to promote a culture based on lofty ethical principles that emphasizes the moral commitment to channel our everyday actions toward respect for our own rights and the rights of others, and toward good working relations that foster an environment that encourages trust and growth.

Procedures Manual for the Procurement of Goods and Services

This manual establishes an institutional regulatory framework for the procurement of goods and services required by IICA, geared toward complying with the principles of transparency, prudent use of resources, objectivity in selection processes, competitiveness, sustainability, and accountability.

Audit Documents