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Policy for the Processing of Reports and the protection of whistleblowers and witnesses

This Policy applies to individuals and/or legal entities, Whistleblowers and Witnesses who report suspected Wrongdoing as defined by this Policy. Reports of suspected Wrongdoing concerning matters shall be handled by the EC.

Policy on Prohibited Practices, Fraud and Corruption (LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 2021)

IICA has mechanisms for the prevention, detection, denunciation and sanctioning of prohibited practices, fraud and corruption as an integral part of its good governance and administrative practices. Consistent with its Code of Ethics and values, and the laws in force in the countries in which it operates, IICA maintains a policy of zero tolerance with respect to prohibited practices, fraud and corruption. This policy applies both to the Institute’s personnel and to the individuals and organizations with which it engages in different activities.

Policy for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism

The purpose of this Policy is to establish the principles and standards that will be applied and observed at all levels of IICA to prevent the management and use of money and other assets in activities related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism .

Policy for the Management of Conflicts of Interest at IICA

This Policy applies to all individuals who are directly tied to IICA, including staff members, consultants, interns, suppliers, associate personnel, counterparts and strategic partners, among others, in all Member States and at Headquarters, with whom the Institute cooperates as part of its mission to stimulate, promote and support the efforts of its Member States to achieve agricultural development and rural well-being through international technical cooperation of excellence.

Personal Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy

The objective of this Policy is to establish mechanisms for personal data processing and protection, so as to guarantee and protect the rights of legal entities or individuals that are collaborating with the Institute, in keeping with the principles established in international standards on this issue and with institutional values.

Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

This policy is based on the concept of sustainable development (SD) and covers its social and environmental dimensions. In that context, it applies both to the internal activities required for the functioning of all the IICA offices and units in the Americas and Spain, as well as for managing the technical cooperation provided to its Member States, whether financed with its own resources or with external contributions. The policy is also applicable to the Institute’s procurement processes for resources and inputs, activities, products or deliverables, technical cooperation programs and projects and the management of the Institute’s buildings and facilities.

Code of Ethics: Cultivating our principles

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to provide all staff members with a guide to appropriate behaviors in the performance of our duties and decision-making. Its objective is to promote a culture based on lofty ethical principles that emphasizes the moral commitment to channel our everyday actions toward respect for our own rights and the rights of others, and toward good working relations that foster an environment that encourages trust and growth.

Procedures Manual for the Procurement of Goods and Services

This manual establishes an institutional regulatory framework for the procurement of goods and services required by IICA, geared toward complying with the principles of transparency, prudent use of resources, objectivity in selection processes, competitiveness, sustainability, and accountability.

IICA Policy against Human Trafficking and Child Labor

Policy on Prohibited Practices

The purpose of this Policy is to establish the specific conduct and activities which are prohibited by IICA, the obligations of Covered Individuals and Counterparties to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to refrain from Prohibited Practices, and the actions which IICA may take when prohibited practices are alleged to have occurred in IICA-related Activities.

Information and Communication Technologies Policy

The objective of this Policy is to establish the guidelines and mechanisms for appropriate management of the IICA information and communications technologies platform.