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    Unprecedented challenges to global food security call for joint action, according to experts at the opening session of the Borlaug International Dialogue

    The main goal of the debates is to forge alliances in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. The event is attended by government officials, private sector representatives, international organizations, agricultural producers, academics, scientists, educators and students.
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    “IICA in Action”: New IICA podcast for Spotify will discuss challenges and opportunities for the agriculture and rural sector  

    En alrededor de 15 minutos, cada capítulo del podcast rescatará temas y elementos informativos con una dinámica renovada, voces diversas y acciones relevantes para la actividad agropecuaria y la vida rural. 
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    Agricultural Stakeholder Engagement in GCF and Broader Climate Processes Survey (Caribbean) 2021

    The CARICOM AgReady - GCF Project seeks to raise the profile of the agricultural sector involved in GCF’s climate financing. Overall plans involve implementing evidence-based strategies to develop and rebrand Caribbean agriculture as “low-emissions”, enhance market opportunities and attract private sector investments.

    As part of project activities to better understand stakeholder engagement at the nexus of agriculture and climate change, we are conducting a survey titled " Agricultural Stakeholder Engagement in GCF and Broader Climate Processes Survey 2021"

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    Locusts: a threat that calls for transnational strategies

    Representatives of more than 30 countries participated in the II Regional Cooperation Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean. In November, a discussion forum for Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa will focus on locust prevention and control strategies.
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    With support from IICA, Caribbean ministers of Agriculture bolster regional coordination to strengthen food security and trade

    The ministers of Agriculture of the Caribbean shared their experiences combating the pandemic and exchanged information on the crisis resulting from the decline in tourism. They discussed common policies that would allow for developing the agriculture sector and, in turn, reducing food imports, with support from IICA.


  • Healthy Lifestyles - Grow Your Own Food

  • Healthy Lifestyles – Healthy Diets & Exercise

  • Healthy Lifestyles – A1. Introduction to “Growing Your Own Food”, Seed Selection and Sowing

  • Healthy Lifestyles – A2. Transplanting, Fertilizing and Trellising

  • Healthy Lifestyles – A4. Backyard Gardens - Rashaan Morris

  • Healthy Lifestyles – A4. Backyard Gardens - Marilyn Vanegas


  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and the Consumption of Locally Produced Fruits and Vegetables

  • Backyard Poultry Biosecurity Training Tools from the IICA Delegation in Belize

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