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Innovation and Bioeconomy

In recent years, the bioeconomy has gained traction in the political, technical and business spheres of the Americas. Some countries have even devised strategies for its promotion. However, capacities must be strengthened to capitalize on the new frontier of technological innovations. The Innovation and Bioeconomy Program will focus on the following aspects:

  • Positioning of the bioeconomy's potential in discussions and in the major regional and international technical and political spheres, through the generation and dissemination of information, analysis and evidence.
  • Comprehensive and specific capacity building in areas that are key to the development of the bioeconomy.
  • Support for the design of policies, rules and regulations in national and international spheres, reflecting the characteristics and needs of the bioeconomy sectors.
  • Development of tools, direct technical support and promotion of South-South cooperation and regional knowledge networks, best practices and lessons learned, with respect to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies, institutional structures and mechanisms to facilitate market access.
  • Investment projects for biobusinesses.

Program Manager

Technical team

Advisory team

  • Eduardo Trigo, Argentina
  • Carlos Pomareda, Costa Rica
  • Marcelo Regunaga, Argentina
  • Antonio de Oliveira, Brazil
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