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Reduction of food losses: Basic notions for postharvest management

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Headquarters, Caribbean Region
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Provide to participants basic notions of postharvest management to reduce food losses along agricultural value chains in the Caribbean region.

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10:30Opening wordsPh. D. Salvador Fernández, Director of Technical Cooperation IICA.
10:40Thematic introductionPh. D. Kurt Manrique, IICA.
10:45Basic notions for postharvest management in the CaribbeanPh. D. Majeed Mohammed, UWI.
11:30Questions and answers
11:45Closing wordsPh. D. Kurt Manrique, IICA.


Majeed Mohammed, Ph. D.

Mr. Mohammed has a doctoral degree in Crop Science from West Indies University.

From 2001 to nowadays he is senior lecturer at the Department of Food Production in the Faculty of Food and Agriculture in West Indies University.

His research works are mainly centered on the physiology and biochemistry of ripening of lesser known tropical fruits. Related interest includes the effect of ethylene antagonists and the alleviation of physiological disorders such as chilling and heat injury damage on selected fruits and vegetables. Recent research activities include the physiology and pathology of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, sanitation techniques to minimize postharvest decay and promote safe fresh produce. Besides, he works on the development of value-added products from tropical fruits and vegetables, and the evaluation of physico-chemical and sensory quality characteristics.

His research activities have important impacts on the Caribbean agriculture, including, private organizations, supermarket industry and marketing boards. Ph.D Mohammed has several publications regarding the topic of postharvest management.

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