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2021 Food Systems Summit

The United Nations Food Systems Summit will be held in 2021 to raise awareness and establish global commitments and measures that transform food systems, with a view to eradicating hunger, reducing diet-related diseases and protecting the planet.

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    Food Systems Summit: the Americas make progress in defining unified messages that highlight the role of agriculture

    The dialogue was divided into four work groups that discussed different aspects of the positions the region will take at the UN global meeting. The meeting will seek to establish commitments and global measures to transform food systems, not only to eradicate hunger, but also to reduce the incidence of foodborne diseases and promote greater conservation of natural resources.
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    Speaking on Brazilian TV, the Director of Chile’s INIA said that the pandemic demonstrated to the world the importance of agriculture to people’s lives

    The pandemic has revealed that building more sustainable production systems is possible, as is underway across Latin America and the Caribbean.
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    Food Systems Summit: an opportunity for Latin America and the Caribbean to show the world the sustainability of its agriculture

    The Symposium featured more than 15 panel discussions, in which topics such as the importance of bioeconomy and its role in the region’s development were addressed, together with the strategies to eradicate malnutrition in vulnerable sectors and the new trends of global consumers, which have been accelerated by the impact of the pandemic.
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    “From the South to the World” symposium: a forum to discuss the future of food systems

    This virtual, free-access meeting is organized by the School of Agronomy of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (FAUBA), the Center for Federal Development Studies Foundation (CEDEF) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), with the support of public and private institutions involved in agricultural production.
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    The private food sector fully commits to fighting against soil degradation and supports the convergence of the Americas in preparation for the UN Food Systems Summit

    In a meeting organized by IICA, leading companies and organizations of the food business sector expressed their support for the “Living Soils of the Americas” initiative and for harmonizing the hemisphere’s positions leading up to the UN Food Systems Summit.
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  • General Technical Cooperation Agreement between CSAYN Global and the IICA

  • Webinar: Opportunities of transformation of the food system. Joachim Von Braun.