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2021 Food Systems Summit

The United Nations Food Systems Summit will be held in 2021 to raise awareness and establish global commitments and measures that transform food systems, with a view to eradicating hunger, reducing diet-related diseases and protecting the planet.

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    INTA of Argentina and IICA to promote digitalization of agriculture in the region through inter-American network

    The term AgTech encompasses a wide range of new technologies applied to agriculture to increase its efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.
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    UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy signs agreement with IICA and sees Food Systems Summit as an opportunity to set courses of action to achieve zero hunger

    The agreement will work to increase the contributions of the agriculture sector to the economic growth and sustainable development of the countries of Africa and the Americas, strengthen the well-being of rural populations, drive international and regional trade, and increase the resilience of agri-food systems to extreme climate events.
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    Council of the Americas and IICA: Achieving sustainable food production will hinge on improving the situation in rural communities

    Experts discussed how food will be produced and consumed in the future and the situation of rural communities in the Americas
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    US Secretary of Agriculture and Director General of IICA reviewed collaboration agenda focused on agricultural health and the well-being of rural communities

    The meeting revealed the collaborative agenda between IICA and USDA focused on key issues.
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    Food security will be impossible without fluid and transparent international trade – said experts addressing a global forum in Rome

    IICA’s Director General argued that transparent international trade is essential in consolidating food and nutrition security; ensuring improved access to food at stable prices for the most vulnerable sectors; facilitating greater diversity of products and diets; and encouraging technology transfer.
  • Environmental sustainability of soil and climate change: a challenge for LAC

  • General Technical Cooperation Agreement between CSAYN Global and the IICA

  • Webinar: Opportunities of transformation of the food system. Joachim Von Braun.