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The Program is aimed at strengthening partnerships with academic and other technical sectors, as well as enhancing IICA’s technical cooperation by generating an opportunity for the sharing of skills and knowledge and providing technical support to participating youth.


  • 1. Administrative Student Internships Students from technical secondary schools, who as a graduation requirement must complete a professional practicum for a specified period.
  • 2. Academic Internships Post-secondary students whose study plan requires them to engage in a professional practicum, conduct research or prepare a thesis within a specified time period.
  • 3. Professional Internships Students in their final year of post-secondary studies or recent graduates with less than 3 years of experience.
  • 4. Voluntary Internship Students or professionals who wish to obtain new knowledge or skills in their professional field.
  • 5. Junior Professional Visits Professionals with 3 to 5 years’ experience in areas compatible with IICA’s spheres of action.
  • 6. Professional Visits Professionals with more than 6 years of experience in areas compatible with IICA’s spheres of action.

Selection criteria:

  • a) Is in alignment with the requests or needs of IICA member countries or partners, in areas in which the Institute is involved.
  • b) Reflects the importance of responding to hemispheric or regional needs in areas in which IICA is involved, but for which is has limited human resources.
  • c) Relates to emerging or innovative issues in which IICA is, or should be involved, and for which it requires additional qualified technical staff.
  • d) Responds to situations, problems or pressing needs related to the Technical Cooperation instruments or special projects through which IICA is providing support to its Member States.
  • e) Abides by commitments made to IICA’s partner universities, by supporting and strengthening the capacities of students who come to develop projects and/or to undertake research on topics of interest to the Institute.


IICA, in its effort to include young professionals and leaders, has a Hemispheric Program of Internships and Internships, thus providing the opportunity for students or recent graduates to exchange knowledge and support actions in order to improve Agriculture in the Americas.

If you are interested in participating in the Visiting Professionals and Internship Program, you can complete your information here.

Open Calls:


Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER)

  • • Description
    As a result of negotiations undertaken with the Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) and with a view to fulfilling our commitment to develop closer ties with the academic sector, while bolstering the capacities of our team members in the various IICA Delegations, the Institute has signed the IICA-FUNIBER scholarship agreement.
    FUNIBER utilizes study and continuous education programs and supports activities for ongoing training and technological extension services, in order to develop critical and active citizens, by contributing to personal growth, respect and the creation of a national, regional and local identity.
    The main objective is to foster and promote activities related to lifelong higher education, technological extension services and the improvement of the academic and scientific potential of Ibero-American universities, via remote, online learning.
    The scholarship program will provide 50 partial scholarships in each of the countries of Ibero-America, or wherever the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture considers it may be useful to undertake concrete training actions.
  • • Beneficiaries
    Students and/or professionals based in IICA member countries, as well as employees and/or associates of the Institute.
  • • Requirements
    Scholarships will be awarded to persons who meet the academic and administrative requirements to enroll in universities that are part of the FUNIBER network.
  • • Benefits
    Scholarships will be awarded under the following modalities:
    • ⮚ Online undergraduate degrees: a maximum of 60% of the cost of the academic program. Scholarships for online undergraduate degrees will only be applicable for academic programs offered by the Ibero-American International University, headquartered in Mexico.
    • ⮚ Master’s degrees: a maximum of 75% of the cost of the academic program.
    • ⮚ Doctorates: a maximum of 60% of the cost of the academic program.
    Scholarship benefits do not cover enrollment fees nor fees for the issue of university diplomas.
  • • How to apply
    The student and/or professional interested in this scholarship must contact the IICA Delegation in his/her country.