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    Good practices and public-private partnerships are positioning agriculture as an engine of sustainable development in Costa Rica

    Experts addressing a panel discussion organized by Costa Rica’s Permanent Mission to the WTO, revealed that the country’s agricultural exports had increased, benefitting the rural economy and increasing food security.
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    IICA radio program, AgroEnlace, cements its role as a valuable information resource for small farmers in the Americas during the pandemic

    It was aired by 928 stations in more than 50 countries in 2020 and more than 1,150 new subscribers registered to its digital platforms.
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    Chelated biofertilizers: a low-cost technological innovation for the nutrition of coffee farms

    As part of a training and experience-sharing process developed together with specialists of the PROCAGICA program, cooperatives and producers in El Salvador built up their capacities.
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    IICA supports COVID-19 Food Security response efforts in Suriname

    Producers, women, and youth organizations benefited from targeted support under the IICA Director General’s Special COVID-19 Response Fund to strengthen local food and nutrition security in rural communities impacted by the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic.
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    After emigrating and returning home to Nicaragua, she now sees the fruit of her coffee farm thanks to the support of PROCAGICA

    The decision not to migrate again was a very difficult one for her and her family; even more difficult was taking over the plot again and restoring it, from scratch.
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Trabajar juntos, avanzar unidos

Trabajar juntos, avanzar unidos


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