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    Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas will participate in new meeting convened by the Director General of FAO, the Director General of IICA and the Regional Representative of FAO

    The third hemispheric meeting of ministers and secretaries of Agriculture will seek to drive the recovery and transformation of the region’s agrifood systems, which have been affected by the pandemic.
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    Digital tools: An opportunity for family farmers to access markets

    The Covid-19 pandemic generated a sharp increase in digital trade and has yielded numerous valuable experiences to systematize and design new development strategies for rural dwellers in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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    IICA and COLEACP will promote entrepreneurship development in the Caribbean

    The entities will collaborate under a technical cooperation agreement, aimed at developing a more sustainable agriculture sector and providing training for small farmers and MSMEs.
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    International cooperation is key to strengthening food security amidst the pandemic says the Minister of Agriculture of Trinidad and Tobago

    Clarence Rambharat, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, was interviewed from Port of Spain on the Agro América program, which airs on the Brazilian TV station, Agro Mais.
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    IICA and the Institute on Science for Global Policy will promote the development of science-based agricultural policies

    The entities signed an agreement to encourage the inclusion of youth in the design of policies and initiatives in areas such as resilience, traceability, biotechnology, sanitary and phytosanitary matters and food security.
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  • Soil health: the welfare of all humanity

  • IICA - PAD agreement

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Desertificación y Sequia, una pareja peligrosa

Desertificación y Sequía, una pareja peligrosa


The Role of Grains and Oil Seeds in Sustainable Food Systems – The Western Hemisphere’s Perspective Towards to the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit