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The path to resilient agriculture in Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and New Zealand: accelerating progress through cooperation. "He waka eke noa"

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Increase the visibility of international cooperation between the Government of New Zealand and the countries of Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and Spain, with special reference to science and research in the agri-food sector.


The future provision of proteins of animal origin (meat, milk) are today one of the most discussed topics in the world order. The production and agro-industrial systems of meat and milk are key for Latin America, the Caribbean and New Zealand.

In view of the challenges faced by this sector at the local and global level, it is proposed to organize a virtual event where a group of ministers of agriculture will offer their point of view in this regard, together with the Director General of IICA. The emphasis will be on how to support an increasingly resilient, sustainable and inclusive agriculture, highlighting the importance of investment in science and innovation. It will also feature the presentation of FONTAGRO and the Global Research Alliance as an example of an international cooperation mechanism with more than a decade of investment in research on climate change mitigation in the livestock sector in LAC. This discussion will also be key for the “UN Food System Summit 2021” and COP26, in which the participation of representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean and New Zealand is strategic.

FONTAGRO has prepared a series of policy briefs, including protein, meat and milk, which can be used to review the content of the panel discussion, and will then be compiled into a publication.


Fecha - Hora Actividad Expositores
Tuesday, February 23, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. (US Eastern Time) Opening and welcome message Pedro Bustos Valdivia, President, FONTAGRO. National Director, INIA Chile.
FONTAGRO/MPI/GRA Projects. Eugenia Saini, Executive Secretary, FONTAGRO,
Hayden Montgomery, Special Representative, Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA).
Manuel Otero, Director General, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).
Panel Opening. Ministers for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Closing Message. Manuel Otero, Director General, IICA
Arnulfo Gutiérrez, Vice president, FONTAGRO. Director General, IDIAP Panama.
Closing Master of Ceremonies.


First section: Models of international cooperation for agriculture in LAC and New Zealand.

Sr. Hayden Montgomery, Representante Especial de GRA

Dra. Eugenia Saini, Secretaria Ejecutiva de FONTAGRO.


Second section: Ministerial Discussion.

Dr. Manuel Otero, Director General, IICA. Moderator.

                 Argentina: Sr. Luis Basterra.

Chile: Sra. María Emilia Undurraga Marimon.

Colombia: Sr. Rodolfo Zea Navarro.

Costa Rica: Sr. Renato Alvarado

Ecuador: Sr. Xavier Lazo Guerrero.

Mexico: Sr. Víctor Villalobos.

Nueva Zelanda: Sr. Hon Damien O'Connor.

Panama: Sr. Augusto Valderrama. 

Paraguay: Sr. Moisés Santiago Bertoni Hicar.

Uruguay: Sr. Carlos Maria Uriarte.

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