Ir Arriba
  • EU, IICA and CATIE launch a diversified production model to create a food bank for communities in Costa Rica

    Food crops grown on agroforestry farms at CATIE will benefit vulnerable populations in Turrialba and Coronado.
  • During a meeting with 34 ministers of Agriculture of the Americas, IICA reinforced its role as a bridge between governments to boost food security

    Enhancing cooperation, strengthening family farming and facilitating trade were the main strategies discussed for overcoming the pandemic. IICA and FAO presided over the meeting.
  • Folk music singer-songwriter Teresa Parodi of Argentina joins IICA’s tribute to the agrifood chain

    Parodi is the sixth artiste in a group of distinguished musicians in the Americas to have joined the Institute in its efforts to pay tribute to and recognize the work of those who ensure we have food on our tables during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • La Charo joins the IICA campaign to recognize workers along the food chain

    The call, which was joined by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, recognizes and promotes the labor of the farmers and other workers along the food chain during these times of Covid-19.
  • Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture from 34 countries in the Americas coordinate actions to ensure food supply in light of COVID-19

    FAO and IICA facilitated an unprecedented hemispheric meeting to strengthen the response of 34 countries in the Americas to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • IICA contributes to coordination initiatives of the agrifood industry of the Americas to tackle Covid-19

    Large companies involved in food production, processing, and marketing, as well as agricultural innovation, accepted IICA’s invitation to participate in an online session to discuss actions to guarantee food security in the hemisphere.