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  • The Latin American and Caribbean countries identify areas of progress and the challenges that remain on the road to transforming their agri-food systems

    The countries of the Americas arrived at the Summit last year with a jointly agreed position, set out in 16 messages with key principles that they advocated as a group and in a coordinated manner. Agreed after long days of discussions coordinated by IICA, the messages were endorsed by the ministers and secretaries of agriculture of the entire continent.
  • Experts stress the strategic value of the consensus position adopted by the Americas at the global debate on food system transformation

    CARI assesses the global reality from a pluralistic perspective and collaborates with public organizations and private institutions, by producing documents and organizing discussions to inform decision-making.
  • The Americas and Africa: key continents for guaranteeing food security and the environmental sustainability of the planet

    The Director General of IICA has proposed that the ministers of agriculture of the two continents meet in 2022 to launch a common cooperation agenda
  • On the eve of the Food Systems Summit, governments of the Americas and the private sector affirm that sustainable agriculture requires healthy soils

    The debate highlighted the strong commitment of the region’s governments and the private sector, in the belief that maintaining soil health is one of the central challenges facing agriculture today and to achieving economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
  • Director General of IICA to BCIU: Public-private partnerships are essential for transforming agrifood systems

    The meeting was organized by the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) to discuss the future of agriculture following the UN Food Systems Summit held on 23 September in New York.
  • At the OAS, countries in the Americas supported IICA’s technical cooperation to tackle the pandemic and highlighted its leadership in preparation for the UN Food Systems Summit.

    Ambassadors and Representatives to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) underscored the importance of the hemispheric agreement that IICA helped to consolidate regarding food systems and its promotion of agriculture as a driver of post-Covid-19 recovery.