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IICA awarded at the Grenada Agribiz Expo 2017 for providing high quality technical cooperation

St George’s, September 28, 2017. With the objective of showcasing the vast range of quality products, especially value-added products, being produced in Grenada, the Ministry of Agriculture of this country organized, with the support of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), Agribiz Expo 2017.

This agri-business extravaganza was the initiative of the Minister, Yolande Bain-Horsford, who previously declared 2017 as the “Year of Agri-business”. The four-day event commenced with a grand Opening Ceremony on September 28th highlighting the theme ‘Agri-business - Generating Wealth, Wellness and Employment’.

According to the organizers, the displaying of such products will stimulate public awareness of   agri-business, thus elevating the profiles of the various agricultural sectors as career opportunities to encourage youth in agriculture and to promote growth in the sector.

The IICA Grenada Delegation was involved in the planning leading up to  the official opening. The Institute’s Representative of the Eastern Caribbean States, John King, highlighted IICA’s 37 years of technical cooperation with Grenada, and alluded to the range of agro-processed products on display during his remarks at the opening.

“The products on display here today are derived, I believe, mainly from natural raw materials grown in ‘Pure Grenada’ (referring to the country's geo-tourism destination brand) and such products will be highly valuable in niche markets geared towards natural products”, he declared.

He also emphasized the role that IICA has been playing in assisting member countries to develop their agri-business capacity due to  its  potential for stimulating growth in the agricultural sector.

IICA was among four of the main agricultural technical cooperation agencies that were awarded for support given to the agricultural sector through strategic interventions of their technical cooperation work in Grenada.

The exhibits by the various agriculture sub-sectors were displayed on modular stands. Such displays are ideal for the sale of products and to capture the attention of visitors, potential investors and business persons alike. The main items displayed were agro-processed products originating from the many cottage industries and commercial turnkey enterprises.


More information:

Derek Charles, National Specialist in Grenada.