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IICA Resilience Flagship Project promotes innovative climate smart agriculture in Barbuda

St. John’s, December 6th, 2017 (IICA). Representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture, technicians from Garden Pool, together with IICA and CARDI, commence the implementation project under the framework of building resilience, specifically related to two of the expected results of IICA Resilience Flagship project. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the resilience and recovery of the agriculture sector in Barbuda by strengthening the capacity for adapting to climate change through the introduction and evaluation of climate resilient agriculture production model/system at the Sir Mc Chesney George Secondary School.

Activities under this project entail the establishment of the model that will provide crops and livestock products to supplement at least 30% of the food required for the school’s feeding program. They also include capacity building for technicians from IICA, CARDI, Ministry of Agriculture and the Barbuda Council in the construction, operation and evaluation of the model, capacity building for farmers in production protocols for the model system, increasing resource use efficiency (soil, water, energy and labour) and how the technology can be strategically used in recovery efforts. In addition, the model system will form an integral component of the agricultural science curriculum as it relates to developing practical and entrepreneurial skills of the students.

Due to the lack of services and materials during the on-going rehabilitation on the island of Barbuda, the project will be completed in phases. The first phase “Erecting the Structure of a Greenhouse” involves Garden Pool and Barbuda Council technicians, along with the Sir Mc Chesney George Secondary School, engaging in laying out the project parameters. There will be ongoing activities within the next four to six months.

This project follows closely on a similar project in Trinidad and Tobago, whereby Garden Pool in collaboration with IICA Trinidad and Tobago, executed activities at the Golden Grove Prison. During this mission, the inmates and staff of Golden Grove would design and build a sustainable food system that has the power to increase the efficiency and capacity of food production onsite, while helping to rehabilitate inmates by teaching them about a new and innovative process.

Because of this type of initiatives, countries have more knowledge, information, methodologies and tools for confronting environmental risks, managing sustainable soil, and using water for agricultural production in a more effective manner. These actions also allow IICA to build on the priorities identified from the need assessment conducted in 2017 post Hurricane Irma for Barbuda.

Improving the capacity of agriculture to mitigate and adapt to climate change and make better use of natural resources is one of the main objectives of IICA’s 2010-2020 Strategic Plan. As such, IICA has been actively involved in developing a cooperation agenda for the Caribbean to address challenges related to climate change, agricultural disaster and risk management and improving rural livelihoods.

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