Ir Arriba


  • AECID and IICA launch project to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency in rural areas of Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala

    Implementation of the initiative will get under way in the first quarter of 2023, and take a year and a half to complete.
  • European Union and IICA join forces to minimize food and nutrition insecurity for 1,508 families in the Trifinio region of Central America

    The AGRO-INNOVA and PROCAGICA projects provide technical assistance and agricultural inputs to bolster food production based on good agricultural practices under agroforestry systems.
  • IICA and FAO define joint agenda that calls for dialogue between the ministers of Agriculture and the Environment of Central America and the Dominican Republic

    The organizations also proposed actions to prevent Fusarium Tropical Race 4 and a swine fever outbreak on the continent.
  • Research studies aimed at resolving challenges faced by Latin American and Caribbean coffee farmers were presented in Guatemala

    PROMECAFE, an initiative supported by IICA, held a symposium with 330 participants from 14 countries across the region, which is home to more than one million coffee-farming families.

  • “La Niña” phenomenon transitions to neutral phase, but tropical cyclone season will be more intense

    A virtual seminar organized by IICA analyzed the implications of these climatic conditions for agricultural health in Mesoamerica.

  • Cocoa and coffee chain representatives from eight countries of America trained in the design of agricultural projects with evaluation criteria

    Through the application of methodologies, dialogue and group exercises, participants learned how to design projects that can be evaluated at all stages