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  • Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of El Salvador calls for discussing solutions to the impact of El Niño in the Central American Dry Corridor

    In the Dry Corridor, where most of the population depends on agriculture and especially on the production of basic grains, this phenomenon severely impacts food production.
  • Fernando Mattos, Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay, calls for sectoral policies to gain ground on undernourishment and malnutrition in the Americas

    The 2023 Conference of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas will provide a space for the exchange of experiences and dialogue to spotlight the role of regional agriculture as a guarantor of global food and nutrition security and sustainability. 
  • World Bank, IDB, CAF, ECLAC and University of Nebraska join IICA in hemispheric initiative to tackle the water crisis threatening food security

    Based on the premise that without water there can be no agriculture and without agriculture there can be no food security, the initiative aims to strengthen capabilities and promote strategic public-private partnerships among the countries of the region with a view to improving the integrated, efficient management of the use of water in agriculture, supporting ministries and governing bodies.
  • Argentina, with support from IICA, presented details of the bio-digital innovation under way in its agriculture sector at the WTO Public Forum in Geneva

    At the event, Argentine researchers showed how their country is at the forefront in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable agricultural practices to help achieve that goal.
  • At forum in Geneva, IICA and permanent missions to the WTO of 15 countries in the Americas highlight sustainable agricultural practices to guarantee food security in the region

    The event made it possible to disseminate the work of the public and private sectors of various countries in the region that are promoting and implementing a variety of practices aimed at improving productivity and agricultural production in a sustainable manner. In doing so, account is taken of each country’s specific environmental, ecological, productive and development circumstances, in order to contribute to national and international food security, rural development and social inclusion.
  • Conference of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas will be an opportunity for countries to share experiences and promote sustainability of the agricultural sector in the Hemisphere, says Costa Rican minister

    The initiatives, agreements and improvements must be carefully designed and focus on the well-being of the region's farmers, so that positive actions are reflected in the daily lives of the farmers.