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  • Costa Rican National Lottery pays tribute to IICA on its 80th anniversary

    A special commemorative lottery ticket was presented to IICA by the Social Protection Board, the government entity that organizes the Costa Rican lottery. The draw will take place on Sunday, 9 October.
  • The AgroArt Museum joins in on IICA’s 80th anniversary celebrations with the “Colors of my Land” workshop series and the “Museums in AgroArt” exhibit

    “Colors of my Land”—a joint program in association with the Friends of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires and IICA’s Community Outreach Association—will seek to publicize and highlight the value of ecosystems in the four subregions of the Americas, through artistic and recreational activities aiming to create a tangible impact on the daily lives of children aged 5 to 12.
  • IICA promotes medium- and long-term strategies for Latin American and Caribbean countries to address the fertilizer crisis that is threatening food security

    he crisis situation with respect to fertilizer prices and supply, which began to materialize in 2021, has resulted in serious imbalances this year due to the war in Eastern Europe. It has also given greater visibility to an issue that is a serious threat to food security and the environmental sustainability of agriculture in the region
  • Central American and Dominican dairy sectors launch guide to guarantee safer and higher quality production

    The document was prepared by the countries of the region, with the support of the Executive Secretariat of the Central American Agricultural Council (SECAC), the Central American Dairy Federation (FECALAC) and IICA.
  • IICA recognizes Chile’s Macarena Valdés and Marco Aceituno as “Leaders of Rurality” for their creation of a self-sustainable model farm

    The couple established an agroecological farm with an integrated system that includes the recycling of water. They produce food for personal consumption and surplus supplies are traded with neighbors.
  • Credit organizations and private sector representatives advise ministers of Agriculture about funding opportunities for climate action in Latin America and the Caribbean

    The exchange took place at a meeting that IICA organized in San Jose, Costa Rica, to develop a joint position for the region’s agriculture sector to present at the upcoming COP27 meeting.