Ir Arriba


  • Rattan Lal and IICA launch “Living Soils of the Americas” initiative

    Ohio State University Professor and winner of the 2020 World Food Prize, Rattan Lal, is partnering with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) in an initiative that will bring together science, governments and fieldwork to restore soil health. The date of the agreement was chosen in commemoration of World Soil Day, which is celebrated on December 5.
  • Locusts: a threat fought by sharing knowledge

    Knowledge and experiences related to the management of the locust pest were exchanged during a cooperation seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and India.
  • Private sector identifies priorities and challenges in forging public sector partnerships to spur investment in agricultural research, development and innovation

    Executives from Bayer, Cargill and Walmart and private sector trade associations highlighted the digitalization of technical assistance, fund raising and improved communication about agricultural innovation research, as areas that are critical to investment.
  • Agricultural authorities from the United States, Mexico and Uruguay shared their views on the role of livestock production in a sustainable food systems

    The officials participated in a forum organized by IICA and the World Economic Forum to prepare for the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit.
  • Costa Rican rural women develop technologies to increase the sustainability of production activities in their communities

    Projects related to reforestation, the recovery of biodiversity and water resource management, among other topics, were developed by youth from rural areas of Costa Rica during a virtual competition organized by the School of Geography of the University of Costa Rica, the UNDP and IICA.
  • IICA assists Dominica in new ‘resilience focused’ National Agriculture Policy

    Consultation meeting with Fidel Grant, Minister of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security