Ir Arriba


  • Proposals from 17 countries submitted in response to call from regional platform for innovation in agriculture

    Nations from Latin America and the Caribbean submitted nearly 100 proposals to the Marketplace platform, calling for innovation in areas such as productivity, natural resource management, institutional modernization and poverty alleviation.

  • Bioeconomy, a new paradigm for sustainable development?

    A consortium of researchers will launch an e-consultation on the formulation of policy recommendations aimed at promoting bioeconomy development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • IICA and CREFAL strengthen partnership to benefit community development

    Authorities from the two international organizations met in Costa Rica to evaluate the joint work they have carried out to enhance capacities in the hemisphere.

  • Agreement signed to promote agricultural development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    A partnership involving IICA and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation aims to promote knowledge and training for the development of agriculture.

  • The Americas account for only 3.5% of the global agricultural insurance market

    An IICA study suggests that in Latin America, the agricultural insurance industry could use a public-private model to promote its development. • The Institute is implementing initiatives to improve agricultural risk management systems.

  • The water footprint: an important calculation with major implications for agriculture

    In a technical forum held at IICA, specialists from Latin America and Spain explained how this indicator could lead to water being used more efficiently in agriculture.