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  • Colombia hosted dialogue of LAC countries on Codex Alimentarius

    Delegates from Latin America and the Caribbean sought to establish positions regarding food health and safety designed to safeguard consumer health.

  • Innovation is critical to achieving a significant change in agriculture

    The Director General of IICA, Víctor M. Villalobos, shared his outlook on agriculture at the Forum on the Challenges of the Agrifood Sector 2016-2025, held in Honduras.

  • Technology package applied to the growing of soybeans generates environmental and economic benefits for the Southern Cone

    The Argentine Ministry of Agriculture and IICA are publishing, within the framework of GCARD2, a comparative study of the advantages of genetically modified and conventional soybean crop.

  • More investment and innovation needed in agriculture to ensure food security

    FAO, IICA and ECLAC document summarizes the conclusions of four dialogues held in the Southern Cone, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico to discuss ways to promote agriculture and make those who earn their livelihoods in agriculture less vulnerable.

  • Electronic consultation to help set agenda for innovation in family agriculture

    The findings will be presented at the Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development, to be held in October.

  • IICA and CAF join forces to improve agriculture in the region

    Increasing agricultural productivity and achieving a high quality of life in rural areas are the main objectives of an agreement signed between IICA and one of the main financial institutions in the Americas.