Ir Arriba


  • Micro-Agro-processors benefit from expert training in bread baking using cassava and sweet potato

    Effort is aimed at affording women an opportunity to learn the art of baking using starchy crops and to improve the production, preparation, distribution and handling of food products.


  • ​Leading role for IICA's contributions to agriculture and rural development in Antigua and Barbuda

    The Institute´s input into the strengthening of businesses and associated capabilities of vulnerable groups, particularly women and youth, was underscored as a valuable contribution.

  • Donation of multi-crates will help improve the quality of post harvesting in agriculture

    The donation of 850 multi-crates will ensure a constant supply of fresh produce to markets for income generation and for food security. The initiative was carried out by the Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme (APP), executed by IICA and funded by the EU.

  • Public stakeholders benefit from HACCP workshop

    “Train the trainer” initiative commences in Antigua and Barbuda. The workshop was conducted by two professionals who were trained specifically to train other professionals on this topic.

  • Agricultural health and food safety systems are strengthened in Antigua and Barbuda

    Seminar participants learned about the role and duties of the Coordinating Council for Agricultural Health and Food Safety of Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Good production practices demonstrate that the hot pepper industry can be very profitable

    An IICA project - led by the European Union - facilitated training that could help small agro-processors produce safer and better quality products.