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  • Rural communities in Suriname now have potable water

    With support from IICA and AUSAID, six rural villages in the hinterland of Suriname now have access to potable water through the installation of rainwater harvesting systems.

  • New agreement promotes linking of applied agricultural research to rural development

    The IICA Delegation in Suriname and the Centre for Agricultural Research in Suriname (CELOS) have formalized their collaborative framework for the benefit of agricultural development.

  • IICA's contributions in Suriname boost agricultural and rural development

    The IICA Representative in Suriname reported to the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries the main achievements in 2016 and presented the main focuses for 2017.

  • Honey producers analyze a new permapiculture system that could help improve productivity

    Beekeepers partnering in participatory research to build capacity and knowledge to increase honey yields.

  • Donation of cassava graters and smoke houses will help improve the standards of processed agricultural products in Suriname

    The initiative was executed by IICA as part of  the EU funded Intra-ACP Agriculture Policy Programme (APP) under the specific activity, “Enhancing operational and business efficiencies of small and medium size food processors in Suriname”. 

  • Food safety workshop prepares Caribbean exporters

    IICA as lead implementing agency seeks to strengthen capacities in three major areas: legislation, coordination and capacity building.