Ir Arriba


  • AECID and IICA launch project to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency in rural areas of Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala

    Implementation of the initiative will get under way in the first quarter of 2023, and take a year and a half to complete.
  • IICA supports installation of a submersible solar pump system to supply peasant families with water in Bolivia

    The system directly benefits 26 families in the Bolivian peasant community of Aguas Negras, whose members raise cattle and grow corn, cassava, and rice. The technology installed is designed to supply some 20,000 liters per day, at a rate of up to 3,000 liters per hour.
  • The prestigious Global Food Security journal outlines the challenges of quinoa, a key Andean crop

    Quinoa, an ally for global food security due to its high nutritional value, is present in more than 120 countries. The Andean region accounts for 76% of global exports.
  • Member countries of the Andean Community undertake commitment to strengthen family farming and intraregional trade

    The Ministers of Agriculture of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru signed a Declaration presented during the most recent session of the Andean Agricultural Forum, organized with support from IICA. Inter-agency committees will support the fulfillment of the agricultural agenda proposed in the document (see Ministerial Declaration).
  • Andean Agricultural Forum proposes regional agenda to boost trade and exports

    Improving market access, strengthening competitiveness and promoting the implementation of business strategies that facilitate diversification are key elements for fostering international trade in agricultural products in the Andean Region.
  • Antimicrobial Resistance: an emerging issue for the livestock sector and food safety services

    Six South American countries prepare a regional strategy and national surveillance plans to prevent and control antimicrobial resistance in food animals.