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  • Cooperativism is the gateway for small rural producers to access markets and the key to transforming realities in rural areas of the Americas

    This proposal was made by the former Minister of Agriculture of Brazil Roberto Rodrigues, one of the leading experts in cooperativism, who addressed more than 40 authorities from 21 countries of all regions of the Americas, as part of the First Meeting of Leaders of Rurality of the Americas convened by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).
  • At a meeting with rural leaders from the Americas organized by IICA, IFAD President highlights the importance of investment in rural development

    The head of IFAD, an institution with 45 years of experience whose mandate is the eradication of rural poverty and the mobilization of funds to guarantee food security and ensure that rural dwellers generate sufficient income, also pointed out that his agency had carried out nearly 200 projects in 28 countries, with a particular focus on women, youth and indigenous peoples, investing more than USD 24 billion in partnership with governments and with the involvement of the private sector.
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    In a meeting with rural leaders, IICA Director General proposes a roadmap and concrete actions to strengthen production, marketing and communities

    At the meeting, the participants decided to create a network, with technical support from IICA, which will seek to promote actions to strengthen and empower rural territories and their stakeholders, and prioritize their role as guarantors of food and nutrition security and guardians of the planet’s biodiversity.
  • With the presence of ministers from Guyana, Honduras and Uruguay, IICA presented a document on food systems that rejects the classification of “broken” and underscores productive strengths and the need for adequate assessments to help in policy design

    With the presence of the Ministers of Agriculture of Guyana, Honduras and Uruguay, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) presented the document “ On 'broken' food systems and other narratives ” with a call to recognize the productive strengths of a sector that has exponentially increased its capacity to provide food to humanity at increasingly affordable prices and in harmony with nature.
  • With support from IICA, rural leaders from the Americas create a network that will improve cooperation and social and production development

    The decision, taken by more than 40 leaders from 21 countries and every region of the Americas, was endorsed by the Director General of IICA, Manuel Otero, following intensive discussions and the sharing of experiences at the “First Meeting of Leaders of Rurality of the Americas: Strengthening Rurality through Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Production,” organized by the inter-American agency in San José, Costa Rica.
  • Rural leaders of the Americas call for unified action and urge governments to focus on territories and communities, given the key role they play in food security, sustainability, and job creation

    At a meeting organized by IICA in Costa Rica, more than 40 Leaders of Rurality from 21 countries of the Americas promote collective action and call for their contributions to be prioritized and recognized.