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    The Bolivian winner of a competition co-sponsored by IICA demonstrates the powerful linkages between tourism and the bioeconomy in the Americas

    The contest sought to recognize tourism activities and products in the Americas that are adopting bioeconomy practices.
  • Washington’s AgForestry foundation and IICA agree that environmental protection and the strengthening of agrifood systems are key to revitalizing the economy in the Americas

    The Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation (AgForestry) highlighted IICA’s work in the region’s natural systems to guarantee agricultural health and food safety.
  • The World Organisation for Animal Health, a key organization for global food security, could have its first Latin American Director General

    Argentine veterinarian Luis Barcos was presented by the Argentine government as a candidate to head the organization, with regional support. The election will be carried out by the delegates of the countries next May.
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    IICA Director General meets with EU officials in Brussels to expand cooperation linkages between the Americas and Europe, focusing on the agricultural and rural agenda

    Otero exchanged ideas and information with European Commission agricultural, trade, environmental and legal officials in various meetings in the Belgian capital, aimed at furthering collaboration and establishing new linkages in areas such as the bioeconomy; climate change mitigation and adaptation; digital agriculture; family farming and international trade, among others.
  • Indigenous Amazonian collector and entrepreneur Katia Silene Tonkyre, the first woman cacique of her village, will receive IICA’s “Soul of Rurality” award, which recognizes Leaders of Rurality of the Americas

    The award is part of an initiative of the agency specializing in agricultural and rural development to recognize men and women who are leaving a mark and making a difference in rural areas of the Americas.
  • At global forum, Fernando Mattos, Minister of Agriculture of Uruguay, calls on developed world to compensate countries in the region for losses caused by climate change

    El ministro de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca de Uruguay, Fernando Mattos, advirtió que los países desarrollados, como máximos responsables históricos del cambio climático, deben compensar a los países en desarrollo que sufren el impacto de los fenómenos climáticos extremos.