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1. Collecting and processing information

When you visit IICA’s website, the institute can, if you accept, collect cookies and data analysis which will help us personalize content in your language in keeping with your interests and the region from which you are visiting.

When you download or request material from IICA’s websites, we will ask you to provide information which will be safely stored and processed.

To proceed with the download or follow up on a request for information or direct contact, we will ask you for the following information (such as, but not limited to): your full name, email address, phone number, company (employer), position/job title, employer’s address, company website, number of employees, country, city, postal code, a list of services or solutions of interest to you and names of social network accounts (“Personal Information”).

Please bear in mind that IICA’s websites and blogs use cookies and similar technologies to provide a better experience and for purposes of analysis. For more information, please read our Policy on personal information protection.

2. Use of personal information

IICA can use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • To contact you and respond to any request you may have sent via IICA’s websites;
  • To send you informative material about IICA in keeping with your interests;
  • To conduct satisfaction surveys among users;
  • To manage and reply to comments or requests made through our blogs, which are open for your participation;
  • Recruitment; and
  • To compile general statistics.

If you accepted, IICA uses cookies which store general, non-personal information to measure the number of visits to our sites, the average time spent on the site, pages visited, and other similar information, and improve content and ensure security and protection of data.

IICA does not release, rent, allocate, transfer nor provide your Personal Information to third parties without your prior consent, except when (i) it is general public knowledge at the moment it is divulged or it becomes public domain through no illegal action on the part of IICA; (ii) it is in the possession of IICA at the moment it is divulged, without IICA violating any legal obligation (iii) it becomes known to IICA from sources other than the disclosing party, but with the legal right to divulge such Personal Information; (iv) it must be divulged by IICA in order to comply with applicable government laws or regulations.

3. How long we keep your information

For an indefinite period until you indicate that you wish us to withdraw your information from our database.

4. Security and integrity of the information

Personal Information you may provide will be stored and protected in keeping with industry and technology standards. In spite of this, the internet is not a space that is 100% secure, therefore IICA cannot guarantee that transmissions via the internet will be completely private or secure, and you understand that any message or information you send to IICA can be read or intercepted by third parties, even when the information is encrypted.

5. Your rights

You have the right, at any time, to access and request a copy of your Personal Information; to request that your Personal Information be amended or revoked; and to limit its use or disclosure.

This can be done by:

Updating your email preferences (to which emails you wish to receive the information) by clicking on the hyperlink captioned email preferences which is located on the lower part of each email communication we send to you. Once you have clicked on that you will be able to select which emails you prefer to receive from IICA.

Send an email with your request to the following address:

6. General clauses

IICA reserves the right to amend this Privacy Notice; such amendments shall be published on its website: