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The Program focuses on promoting a productive, competitive and sustainable agriculture sector that provides a safe supply of food through local, regional and global markets, by formulating, improving and applying policies based on agricultural health and food safety and quality (AHFS).

Its key areas of focus are the promotion of institutional strengthening of AHFS systems; the harmonization, updating and implementation of health, safety and quality standards; capacity development for the adoption of best practices; and the tackling of emerging issues and health, phytosanitary and food safety emergencies, with an emphasis on cross-border cases.

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    Coffee farmer Denis Vásquez from Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua: “A well-nourished plant makes all the difference”

    The coffee leaf rust pest devastated Vásquez’s plot; however, the adequate use of fertilizers and disease- and pest-resistant coffee varieties has played a crucial role in overcoming the situation and achieving a healthy plot of land.
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    IICA and CATIE launch catalogue on emblematic trees and palms of the Americas

    The publication includes relevant characteristics of 24 trees and 6 palms that have been designated as national symbols in different countries of the Americas.
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    October 7: IICA celebrates its 78th anniversary

    IICA has been headquartered in Costa Rica since it was established on 7 October 1942 and it operates through its 34 Delegations in the Americas and a Permanent Office in Spain.
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    Increased access to technology and improved soil quality are essential to tackling agriculture’s production challenges

    International research center experts joined the Director General of IICA in a forum to analyze the challenges and opportunities for agriculture in the Americas, as it seeks to become the world’s major food supplier.
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    IICA Director General and Goodwill Ambassadors emphasize the role of agriculture in driving sustainable development

    The vibrant discussion on agriculture as an engine for human development featured Michael Kremer, Rattan Lal, Alysson Paolinelli, Susana Balbo, Jens Mesa, Hugo Sigman and Dennis McClung.


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