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The program focuses on implementing actions to enhance the well-being of people in rural communities. It seeks to manage knowledge and assist in the formulation of territorial development policies and programs, in addition to facilitating access to production assets and public and private services.

Territories are units encompassing both rural and urban spaces, where there is a need to strengthen the role of rural enterprises, particularly family farming initiatives and their contributions.

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    Minister of Science and Technology of Costa Rica endorses CIMAG, an IICA initiative that brings together education and tomorrow’s agriculture

    Adrián Salazar, head of MICITT, offered his support for the Interpretive Center for Tomorrow’s Agriculture (CIMAG), which was jointly created by IICA and Microsoft to familiarize young people in the Americas with the use of modern technologies in agriculture.
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    Jamaica launches the International Year of Plant Health in the Caribbean with the support of IICA

    Protecting plant health can help end hunger by reducing crop losses to pest and diseases, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.
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    Hugo Sigman, founder and CEO of Grupo Insud, named new IICA Goodwill Ambassador for Sustainable Development

    In conferring the title on him, IICA’s Director General, Manuel Otero, highlighted the social contributions of the entrepreneur and Grupo Insud CEO through science, innovation and development. On the same occasion, the Institute introduced its new Representative in Argentina and paid tribute to Argentina’s Ambassador-designate to Brazil, Daniel Scioli.
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    IICA will support the Argentinian government’s efforts to achieve food and nutritional security

    IICA’s Director General and Argentina’s Minister of Agriculture crafted a work agenda focusing on issues such as territorial development, family farming and the strengthening of regional economies.
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    IICA maintains that tackling climate change requires decisive inter-sectoral action

    Speaking at COP25, Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA, maintained that actions on climate change should involve ministers from various sectors, civil society and the business sector, thereby incorporating these efforts into the agendas of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Día Internacional de la Mujer Rural 2019

  • Día Internacional de la Mujer Rural 2019

  • Prestação de Contas – IICA Brasil 2019

  • Entrevista a Luis Salazar, Ministro del MICITT - Costa Rica. En el marco de Latinity 2019

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