Ir Arriba


  • Small ruminant producers in Antigua and Barbuda will benefit from an IICA project funded by the Australian Aid Programme

    The project seeks to address small ruminant producers access to sustainable nutritious protein-sources in Antigua who are significantly affected by climate risks (droughts and floods), poor soils, inefficient water use and poor management practices.
  • Technology transfer and sanitary risk prevention defined IICA’s work in Grenada in 2018

    The organization also promoted production strengthening and food trade.

  • Grenada Abattoir Poised to Process Safer Meats during the Busy Christmas Season


    17 workers from one of the most important processing plants in the country were trained by IICA regarding mitigation and risk reduction

  • Producer groups benefit from capacity development training in Grenada

    The workshops seek to strengthen governance arrangements within each of the organisations to improve communication, efficiency and effectiveness among their members.

  • Grenada’s agriculture sector makes valuable contributions to enrich IICA’s road map

    Stakeholders intimated the need for interventions in food and nutrition security; resilience to climate change; investment in agriculture; natural resources management and sustainable agriculture.

  • IICA Grenada recognized network of rural women producers

    The members operate their own businesses ranging from agriculture to small-scale agro processing cottage-type enterprises.