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  • Caribbean Virtual Agri-Food Trade Mission Hits the Mark...

    The first annual Caribbean Virtual Agri-Food Trade Mission was successful in connecting exporters from CARICOM with buyers from the Caribbean, Central America, and North America.
  • Small ruminant producers in Antigua and Barbuda will benefit from an IICA project funded by the Australian Aid Programme

    The project seeks to address small ruminant producers access to sustainable nutritious protein-sources in Antigua who are significantly affected by climate risks (droughts and floods), poor soils, inefficient water use and poor management practices.
  • ECS Delegations in the Eastern Caribbean States Welcomes its New Representative, Mr Gregg Rawlins


    The ECS Delegations in the Eastern Caribbean States (ECS) is pleased to welcome Mr. Gregg C.E. Rawlins, a national of Barbados, who has been appointed Representative of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) in the Eastern Caribbean States, with effect from July 1, 2019.  

  • IICA facilitates Internship for Secondary Students Building Interest in Agriculture Careers

    Two students from the Leon Hess Secondary School participated in a two-week internship (July 8th – 19th 2019) with the Delegation in Saint Lucia as part of a work skill and experience programme. Since 2015, the Saint Lucia Delegation has facilitated interns, using the avenue to give students about to enter their last year at secondary school practical experience of the working environment and the agricultural sector.  

  • IICA supports Evidence-based Decision Making for Organic Market Development in Saint Lucia 

    The improved availability of specific information/intelligence to guide decision-making in agriculture has substantial value in allowing stakeholders to take the best possible course of action.

  • IICA’s Delegation in St. Lucia carried out its Accountability Seminar

    The activity is a model for engaging stakeholders and validating national efforts.