Ir Arriba


  • LAC and African countries coordinate regional positions prior to global Codex Alimentarius meeting

    Latin American, Caribbean, and African countries strive to play a more active role in global discussions on food safety.

  • LAC and African countries discuss regional positions at Codex Alimentarius meeting

    With support from IICA and the United States government, Latin American, Caribbean and African countries coordinated their points of view on global food safety standards. 

  • OAS recognizes IICA’s contribution to the development of the Americas

    The Director General of IICA participated in the OAS General Assembly, held in the United States.

  • Mexico supports training in tropical plants for technical personnel from 13 Caribbean countries

    The Government of Mexico, IICA, the CICY (Mexico) and the University of West Indies at St. Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago) pool efforts to promote innovation and research in 13 Caribbean nations.

  • Training in applied biotechnology in agriculture underway for Central America and the Caribbean

    Agricultural professionals and producers from 13 countries in Central America and the Caribbean participated in a training event to drive agricultural development in their countries.

  • Efforts underway to increase agricultural health in the Caribbean

    Efforts underway to increase agricultural health in the Caribbean