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  • More than 15 Latin American and Caribbean institutions presented a report on the situation and outlook for the bioeconomy, a strategic commitment for the development of the region

    The report is intended to be used as a guide by policymakers, academics, support organizations, and society in general. It is a valuable source of information designed to raise awareness and support decision-making, as it provides inputs for the formulation and implementation of public policies, and promotes collaboration among regional institutions.
  • In Georgetown, the President of Guyana, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, received the Director General of IICA, who praised the country’s progress towards achieving more resilient and sustainable food production

    The Head of Statewho last October took part in the Conference of Ministers of Agriculture of the region held at IICA’s Headquarters in San José, Costa Ricadiscussed with Otero Guyana’s progress towards achieving more resilient and sustainable food production.
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    Specialists highlight the role of international trade in favor of sustainable food production, development of countries and livelihoods of farmers, in a debate organized by CropLife International and IICA

    The debate focused on the role of international trade in helping farmers to access innovation and new tools that facilitate their way to international markets, which is especially important for farmers in developing countries.
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    Guyana and IICA are developing the first biofortified rice in the Caribbean region, which provides a high nutritional value and will be a key contribution to food security in the country and the rest of the Caribbean

    During Dr. Otero's visit to Georgetown, both Minister Mustapha and President Ali congratulated IICA for its contribution to this development, which strengthens the position of Guyana, a country that is making an effort to grow and sustain its agriculture and intends to be self-sufficient in commodities such as corn and soybeans by 2026.
  • IICA shows its unwavering support for Haiti and focuses its technical cooperation on strengthening small-scale farmers and food security

    The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) works with the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development of this Caribbean country, prioritizing actions in favor of food and nutritional security, agri-food safety, education and capacity building.
  • IICA recognizes Salomón Zelada, a groundbreaking leader of the agricultural cooperative movement in El Salvador for more than three decades, as a Leader of Rurality in the Americas

    Zelada is to receive the “Soul of Rurality” award, part of an initiative by the specialized agency for agriculture and rural development intended to shine the spotlight on men and women who leave their mark and make a difference in the rural areas of the Americas, a key element in the world’s food and nutrition security and environmental sustainability.