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Technical Cooperation of IICA

Definition of technical cooperation

The technical cooperation (TC) that the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) offers to its member states is:

the set of actions aimed at providing contextualized and innovative solutions to the main challenges posed by agricultural and rural development in the Americas. Our cooperation, in addition to being of excellence and added value, seeks to generate significant transformations through shared and collaborative responsibilities with strategic allies, with which IICA acts as a catalyst and articulator.

With a robust and consolidated framework of action, the set of actions that IICA offers includes products and services, such as: knowledge sharing, wisdom and experiences; strengthening of technical and institutional capacities; advice on strategic processes and design of public policies; articulation and / or technical secretariat of multi-institutional instances; development, facilitation and implementation of tools and methodologies; management and administration of projects linked to the agricultural sector; among other possible actions for the performance of the cooperation work.

The solutions are contextualized by their flexibility to adjust to the needs of the countries and because they consider specific situations and moments, as well the different scales of action, whether territorial-local, national, regional or hemispheric-global. Innovative solutions seek to advance beyond traditional alternatives, taking advantage of and enhancing the synergies of the environment, productivity factors, competitiveness and development in a solid and sustainable way.

The main challenges of rural development in the region require transcending the borders of countries and being analyzed in more global contexts. In many cases, the persistence of economic, social and environmental vulnerabilities are a consequence of major crises at the regional and global levels. That is why the renewed vision of the Institute's TC, comes to add answers to the different opportunities, challenges and commitments that the hemisphere faces, adding to the generation of international public goods with great commitment towards the 2030 agenda and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The relevance of the solutions is achieved along with other organisations with presence and action in the TC ecosystem that make up our group of strategic allies (national and international public entities and the private sector). IICA operates as an articulating organisation for this ecosystem, whose members assume a shared responsibility for this work.

Objective of the TC of IICA

The TC of excellence of the Institute are means to fulfill our mission that according to our constitutive convention is to: “stimulate, promote and support the efforts of Member States to achieve their agricultural development and rural well-being”. Through the set of initiatives of the TC, IICA manages knowledge for the generation of international public goods that add to the accomplishment of efficient and effective results that contribute to the rural development of the region with a real impact.