• Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
  • Agriculture: A priority for sustainable development in the Americas



  • Costa Rican rural women will strengthen their entrepreneurial skills

    Partnership between IICA and Costa Rica’s Ministry of Labor will aim to generate better production conditions in vulnerable rural communities across the country.

  • Employment

    Costa Rican rural women will strengthen their entrepreneurial skills

  • Competitiveness

    Grenadian cocoa and chocolate producers increased their knowledge about sanitary standards for export

  • Results 2018

    Suriname is now more equipped to tackle drought and diversify production

  • 2018-2028

    Costa Rica cocoa producers to benefit from a new development plan for the sector


  • Technical forum

    Tools for international agricultural trade in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Workshop

    Biobeds in agriculture: a good practice for protecting health and reducing environmental risks

  • Technical forum

    The WTO dispute settlement system and its relationship to trade in agricultural goods

Expo Agri Biz - Grenada


Video of the Ministry of Agriculture of Grenada, produced by Jerry Malcolm. Listen to the producers talk about this initiative, which sought to boost Grenada's agricultural sector.


  • Conocemos un programa regional fortalece el desarrollo de una caficultura rentable y responsable en Centroamérica. Una iniciativa que apoya a las familias productoras de pequeña escala, para superar las consecuencias del último gran brote de la roya del café. Bajar cuña

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