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    Panamanian authorities, the EU and IICA inaugurate farmer field school at penitentiary to develop sustainable rice farming techniques and facilitate social reintegration of prisoners

    The Farmer Field School is part of the EUROCLIMA+ program implemented by GIZ and Expertise France, financed by the European Union, and executed by the ministries of Agriculture of Panama and El Salvador in collaboration with IICA.
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    Brazilian farmer Simone Silotti to receive IICA “Leaders of Rurality” award for initiative that connects farmers and organizations working to feed at-risk population

    “Do an incredible good” connects small farmers and organizations working with at-risk populations. It has already prevented 200 tons of food waste and benefited more than 100 farmers.
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    New app assesses vulnerability of coffee plantations in Central America to climate change to increase adaptive capacity 

    The tool provides simple recommendations to implement actions aimed at increasing the adaptive capacity and resilience of producers. Called the Vulnerability Tool, it is currently in the final validation phase with ally organizations, including the Tropical Agriculture Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) and the National University of Engineering (UNI) of Nicaragua.
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    Coffee cultural center in Italy to receive publications donated by IICA and CATIE

    Orton Memorial Library, administered by IICA and CATIE, is donating coffee-related bibliographic material to the Accademia del Caffè Espresso in Florence with the aim to share good practices for the production chain and to promote a more direct relationship between producers, roasters and consumers.
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    Trinidadian advocate of resilient agriculture to feed the Caribbean will receive the IICA “Leaders of Rurality” award

    With research and patience, Roop has learned to adapt to climate change, becoming an expert in soil care and natural resource management. 


  • IICA COLEACP Caribbean Agrifood Business Series

  • Ceremony to confer the title of IICA Goodwill Ambassador on Mr. Hipólito Mejía Domínguez

  • Lanzamiento AgriExtApp

  • Tribute to food chain workers

    Popular music homage to those who work day to day to put food on our tables

    A campaign to express appreciation to and recognize the work of farmers and food chain workers who, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, guarantee food production, transportation, commercialization and supply in countries throughout the Americas.

  • Rural Women


    IICA is committed to giving visibility to the role of women and accelerating the development of sound public policies for the benefit of women who live in the countryside.

  • Atlas for Agriculture

    LAC: A leading player in global agrifood market

    This publication is intended to highlight the share of important agrifood products that the region supplies to the rest of the world, in order to contribute data and useful information for decision-making.

  • High-level seminars

    Analysis of post covid-19 scenarios

  • The Outlook for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Americas:

    A Perspective on Latin America and the Caribbean

    Each edition of the ECLAC-FAO-IICA joint report analyzes the main trends that affect agriculture and impact the lives of rural dwellers, and provides an outlook on possible future scenarios with respect to each topic covered by the document.