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    Over one hundred rural youth graduated from the School of Agricultural Leaders co-founded by Costa Rica’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and IICA

    The training program included three modules: digital agriculture, agricultural resilience and entrepreneurship. The participants were students from ten professional technical schools and from the local livestock association – Cámara de Ganaderos Unidos del Caribe.
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    Brazil and Argentina have the opportunity to be key players in global food security, said officials and specialists in a panel discussion in which IICA participated

    The meeting was part of AgriTalks, a series of conferences that Brazil’s Foreign Ministry has been hosting in different embassies around the world with the aim of promoting good agricultural practices and discussing the outlook for the sector, given the burgeoning global demand for healthy, nutritious and sustainably produced food.
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    Global alliance against fusarium and IICA strengthen technical systems in Venezuela to fight fungus threatening global banana production

    In Venezuela, sudden wilting in banana plants has impacted production since 2006.
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    With the support of IICA, the hemispheric organization MIOA will strengthen tools to collect, disseminate and exchange information on agricultural market prices

    At the meeting of the MIOA member and partner countries, held at IICA Headquarters in San José, the 26 participating delegations agreed to move forward with a project to design a data dashboard and an application gathering country-specific price information on agricultural products.
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    Peru’s cocoa sector has new tool to drive crop safety and promote exports

    In Peru, approximately 100,000 families participate in cocoa production, which in 2021 generated exports worth USD 300 million.


  • High-level dialogue - Climate change and the agricultural sector: A Call to Action from the Americas

  • A Healthier Choice - Bio Fortification of Rice Explained

  • World Food Prize - IICA Side Event: Agrifood Systems in the Region: Challenges and Necessary Actions

  • Commemoration of the International Day of Rural Women - Forum "Priorities in the gender agenda"

  • African Swine Fever - A global vision: How to protect against ASF

  • Launch - AgriExtApp

  • Tribute to food chain workers

    Popular music homage to those who work day to day to put food on our tables

    A campaign to express appreciation to and recognize the work of farmers and food chain workers who, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, guarantee food production, transportation, commercialization and supply in countries throughout the Americas.

  • Rural Women


    IICA is committed to giving visibility to the role of women and accelerating the development of sound public policies for the benefit of women who live in the countryside.

  • High-level seminars

    Analysis of post covid-19 scenarios

  • The Outlook for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Americas:

    A Perspective on Latin America and the Caribbean

    Each edition of the ECLAC-FAO-IICA joint report analyzes the main trends that affect agriculture and impact the lives of rural dwellers, and provides an outlook on possible future scenarios with respect to each topic covered by the document.