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Key concepts in food processing, product development and general concepts of Food Technology

Dr. Donald Mercer during the "Mango Worshop" in Antigua and Barbuda

IICA Canada, through its Research and Internship Assistance Program (RIAP), is pleased to present a series of tutorial-style videos on key concepts in food processing, product development and general training topics. 

This initiative was triggered as consequence of feedback received after holding a series of workshops sponsored under IICA’s Canada RIAP program on food processing in the Caribbean. Participants of these workshops expressed the need for on line availability of the videos to allow further dissemination to small scale food processors, students and instructors in educational institutions.

Dr. Don Mercer, Associate Professor at Department of Food Science, University of Guelph, developed the instructional material during his participation in the RIAP. Twenty two videos were produced and grouped into three categories relating to processing activities; food products and training.

Instructional videos were produced in a manner that permit viewers to follow the topic using PowerPoint “slides” with an audio commentary. The complete list of the videos including their duration is shown below:

Processing-related Videos:

  1. Reasons for Processing Foods (18:17)
  2. Blanching of Food and Vegetables (15:59)
  3. Chilling and Freezing (31:09)
  4. Beverage formulation (19:32)
  5. Osmotic Dehydration  (16:21)
  6. Solvent Extraction and Precipitation (15:41)
  7. Tofu Making (16:15)

Product-Related Videos:

  1. Mango Leather Preparation (6:41)
  2. Mango Powder preparation (10:22)
  3. Trail Mix preparation (7:04)
  4. Dried product costing (19:29)
  5. Beverage costing exercise (20:56)
  6. Sugar content of beverages (36:31)
  7. Food Safety , Quality and Spoilage (20:07)

Training-Related Videos:

  1. Dimensional Analysis (20:29)
  2. Moisture Calculations ( wet-dry basics)(20:24)
  3. Pressure and Pressure conversion (31:09)
  4. Density determination (28:26)
  5. Basic Statistics (32:57)
  6. Rate Calculations (31:31)
  7. Mathematical modeling (25:50)
  8. Effects of Temperatures on the Kinetics of Chemical reactions (34:36)