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IICA Grenada recognized network of rural women producers

St George’s, November 23, 2017. IICA presented a Plaque to members of Grenada Network of Rural Women Producers (GRENROP) for their contribution towards empowering rural women in Grenada over the last 15 years.

The network seeks to empower its members to improve their standard of living through training, cultural exchanges and networking. The members operate their own businesses ranging from agriculture to small-scale agro processing cottage-type enterprises.

IICA Grenada Delegation has been instrumental in the initiation of this group and continued to lend its support, in terms of providing training for their effective performance in governance to enable them to be more transparent and accountable.

It was formed in 2002 and became a registered Non-governmental Organisation in 2005. It is an affiliate of the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP).

The Grenada Delegation currently facilitates capacity development training to strengthen GRENROP’s commercial portfolio as a group, to identify marketing opportunities and to foster competitive value chains.


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