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IICA Delegation in Suriname Reports the Results of its 2021 Technical Cooperation Agenda

The IICA Representative in Suriname, Curt Delice.
The IICA Representative in Suriname, Curt Delice.

Paramaribo, Suriname, 27 June 2022 (IICA). In lieu of the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions and the beginnings of a return to normalization of working conditions, the IICA Delegation in Suriname reverted to face-to-face presentation of the results of its technical cooperation agenda executed in the Republic of Suriname during 2021.
Stakeholders attending the 2022 Accountability Seminar gave a resounding positive approval and recognition to the results of technical cooperation agenda completed for the work programme year 2021. 
It was specifically highlighted the impact IICA has had on the agriculture sector, notwithstanding the unique restrictive challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the key interventions during the year included: strengthening farmers knowledge capacities in climate smart agriculture technologies, strengthening the readiness of the agriculture sector under the Green Climate Fund (GCF), promotion of youth engagement in agribusiness particularly in apiculture, agrotourism, hydroponic and open field production of vegetable crops, support to rural women to access markets for value-added products,  the provision of access to potable water to indigenous communities in the hinterland of Suriname, building institutional and farmer capacities in Agriculture Disaster Risk Management (ADRM), emergency support to producer organizations following flood damage to the agriculture sector, and strengthening of producer and community-based organizations to stimulate and support income generating activities to boost growth in the rural economy.  

The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Permanand Sewdien
The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Permanand Sewdien

The IICA Representative in Suriname, Curt Delice, welcomed the gathering back to face-to-face engagement and informed the wide cross section of stakeholders of the significance of some of the key challenges and lessons learned over the last two years considering the impact of COVID-19 on agriculture and rural development initiatives and momentum.

The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Permanand Sewdien, gave the feature remarks at the accountability seminar, this being his first. He recognized the important role that IICA is playing in developing the agriculture and rural sectors in Suriname. They are currently responsible for managing the execution of two IDB agricultural investment loan facilities and one EU grant facility totalling USD 50 million dollars on behalf of the Government of Suriname. IICA is also engaged in working with many important high value chains like honey production and strengthening our upland rice production and the conservation of our upland rice varieties. They are also working to strengthen our farmer organizations, and many are represented here today, and critically working and strengthening the entry and participation of women and youth in agriculture. We are grateful for this level of trust and technical cooperation engagement with IICA, and the strong relationship we have developed over the years to the benefit of the government and people of Suriname.”
He also, on behalf of the government and people of Suriname, expressed his gratitude to the Director General of IICA, Manuel Otero, for speedily coming to their aid, once again through the provision of emergency funding for the rehabilitation of agricultural farms, following the recent devastating flooding experienced by the country in the last three months.    
The Minister also indicated that he was “fully supportive of IICA’s approach in seeking one hemispheric position on agriculture towards the development of our food systems. This would ensure that the agriculture challenges of smaller developing states, like those of CARICOM, will be considered, and not get lost within the interests of the more powerful agricultural nations.  We subscribe fully to the notion that our farmers and agroprocessors need to be the central focus of any global declaration on food systems.”

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Curt Delice, Special Affairs Coordinator for the Caribbean Region/IICA Representative in Suriname