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A group with recognized expertise

The Advisory Council for Food Security in the Americas comprises specialists who have made significant contributions to the agrifood sector, both in the political and academic spheres. The Council monitors the impact of the new coronavirus on food security in the region, with a view to offering analyses and recommendations to facilitate decision making in the public and private sectors.

It also supports IICA’s technical cooperation, assisting the organization in redirecting its efforts to address the demands of the countries, which have arisen as a result of the pandemic, thereby contributing to the development of a new institutional roadmap.

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    Mexico: a giant in the agriculture sector that is determined to bridge social divides in rural areas

    Víctor Villalobos, Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, addressed members of IICA’s Advisory Council for Food Security in the Americas and specially invited guests, among them, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Michael Kremer.
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    Latin America and the Caribbean urged to let its voice be heard at the UN Food Systems Summit

    Joachim von Braun, President of the Scientific Group for the UN Summit, issued this appeal during a meeting of IICA’s Advisory Council for Food Security in the Americas.
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    Feeding all of humanity and guaranteeing the prosperity of those who produce: the great challenges facing tomorrow’s agriculture

    The members of the Advisory Council for Food Security in the Americas, the Goodwill Ambassadors and the Director General of IICA discussed the future of agriculture and rurality. They also shared their views regarding the global health crisis.
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    Silvia Sarapura, the newest member of IICA’s Advisory Council for Food Security in the Americas

    The Peruvian-Canadian researcher, who specializes in rural planning, has a solid background in international rural and agricultural research for development.
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    Associations of agronomists, veterinarians and agricultural economists of the Americas will work together with IICA to develop post-Covid-19 agricultural and trade protocols

    The representatives underscored the importance of adopting a multidisciplinary approach to address the challenges facing the rural sector in a comprehensive manner, as well as the need to strengthen professional training.

Meet the members of IICA’s Food Security Advisory Council:

  • Eduardo Trigo, Argentina

    Mr. Trigo is a consultant for IICA and the IDB. He is the director of the CEO Group (Economics and Organization Consultants). He spearheaded the project entitled ‘’Prospects for Biotechnology in Argentina 2030’’ of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (2014-2016), and also served as advisor to the Directorate of International Affairs of the MINCYT in Argentina (2000-2014). He was executive director of the ArgenINTA Foundation (1994-1998) and headed the Research and Technology Transfer Unit at IICA (1986-1994).