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Innovation has a profound and widespread impact on agricultural production and production efficiency and is also a mechanism that enables transformation and change in the society, institutions and businesses in the agricultural and rural environment.

This area will seek to adopt an innovative approach, by using science and technology as tools for the transformation and improvement of agriculture in the hemisphere.

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    AgroArt, the IICA Virtual Museum: a collective space for showcasing the artistry of rural areas in the Americas

    AgroArt (, for its initial exhibit, contains 30 paintings by Gaby Grobo and Manuel Cancel of Argentina, Francisca Lohmann of Chile, Jorge Checo Blanco of the Dominican Republic, and Sila Estigarribia of Paraguay. It is the first museum to specifically showcase agriculture and rural life.
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    The major global meeting on the bioeconomy brings together the private sector and university representatives

    For three days, leading global authorities on the bioeconomy are meeting virtually for the 2020 International Conference on Applied Bioeconomy, which is the 24th edition of this event.
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    Largest global meeting on the Bioeconomy held for the first time in Latin America

    This year’s International Conference on Applied Bioeconomy Research, organized by the International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research (ICABR), was co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina and IICA.
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    IICA and CATIE launch catalogue on emblematic trees and palms of the Americas

    The publication includes relevant characteristics of 24 trees and 6 palms that have been designated as national symbols in different countries of the Americas.
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    October 7: IICA celebrates its 78th anniversary

    IICA has been headquartered in Costa Rica since it was established on 7 October 1942 and it operates through its 34 Delegations in the Americas and a Permanent Office in Spain.


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