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    IICA provides a snapshot of the Central American dairy industry and pinpoints the challenges involved in expanding exports beyond the region  

    A new IICA publication is aiming to ensure that Central American countries capitalize on opportunities offered by existing trade agreements.    
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    In Rome, IICA attends 47th Session of the Governing Council of IFAD and presents exhibition that pays tribute to rural women of the Americas

    Under the motto “Innovation for a Food Secure Future”, participants discussed how IFAD and its partners can better harness innovation so rural communities can find solutions to the challenges they face and thrive in a rapidly changing world.
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    Use of technologies and science-based data will be crucial for trade in agricultural goods from the Americas in the European Union

    With farmers as key players in agrifood systems transformation, countries of the region are being called upon to consolidate their leading role in food security, noted IICA’s Deputy Director General during an international seminar.
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    With support from the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) and the U.S. Grains Council, IICA will deliver training to 400 people on liquid biofuels and their role in the energy and climate transition in the Americas

    Through 40 hours of asynchronous training and synchronous webinars with international specialists, participants will analyze the status of liquid biofuels and their relationship to energy security and climate change in the region.
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    SENASA and IICA undertake to step up their joint work to consolidate agricultural health and food safety in Argentina and throughout the region

    Argentina’s SENASA and IICA are already engaged in a number of cooperation actions, focused, among other things, on institution building, the modernization of processes and systems, training and education, the promotion and use of bioinputs, the elaboration of regulatory frameworks, and territorial development.


  • High-level dialogue - Climate change and the agricultural sector: A Call to Action from the Americas

  • A Healthier Choice - Bio Fortification of Rice Explained

  • World Food Prize - IICA Side Event: Agrifood Systems in the Region: Challenges and Necessary Actions

  • Commemoration of the International Day of Rural Women - Forum "Priorities in the gender agenda"

  • Constanza Boeglin. Participante del curso de Bioeconomía

  • Centro de Interpretación de la Agricultura del Mañana. CIMAG.


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    Se convoca a los interesados en participar en la Licitación Institucional


  • Análise dos cenários pós-covid-19

  • Analysis of post covid-19 scenarios

  • Análisis ante los escenarios post covid-19

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