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Measures to Increase Intra and Extra Regional Trade for Guyana

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Georgetown, Guyana


"Agriculture trade plays an important part in the sustainability of global, regional and national food systems. In Guyana agriculture has been identified as a key driver in the national development and transformational agenda.

As one of the largest agricultural producers in the Caribbean Region, Guyana bears a growing responsibility for the region's food security, especially during these challenging times. 

This Virtual Forum therefore wishes to explore more closely, not just what the prospects of a bolstered agriculture trade mechanism can achieve, but also what is required to achieve it? Will the further opening of agricultural markets and aligning domestic policies to the new environment help foster innovation, productivity growth, and long term sustainability or will governments feel that they are too dependent on foreign sources of supply and may wish to reverse the impact of globalization? These are the questions that are now being considered by stakeholders within the agriculture trading system globally."


Fecha - Hora Actividad Expositores
Tuesday 20 October - 7:30 a.m. (Costa Rica) 9:30 a.m. (EST) Welcome Remarks Moderator – Mr. Wilmot Garnett IICA Representative in Guyana
Opportunities for Regional Agriculture Presentation by: Mr. Shawn Baugh Programme Manger Agriculture and Agro Industrial Development CARICOM Secretariat
Opportunities and Challenges in Agriculture Trade-The Guyana Context Presentation by: Mr. Robert Persaud Foreign Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
Open for business: Trade and agriculture production in the Guyana and Caribbean context Presentation by: Mr. Shyam Nokta President GMSA
Some Current Investment and Trade Opportunities for Guyana Presentation by: Mr. Vassel Stuart President CABA
The Role of the Business Development Thematic Group in Supporting Regional Trade Presentation by: Allister Glean IICA Regional Agribusiness Specialist
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Mr. Robert Persaud, Foreign Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

Mr. Shaun Baugh, Programme Manager, Agriculture and Agro-Industrial Development, CARICOM Secretariat

Mr. Shyam Nokta, President, Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA)

Mr. Vassel Stewart, President, Caribbean Agri-business Association

Mr. Wilmot Garnett, Country Representative/Moderator, IICA Delegation in Guyana

Mr. Allister Glean, International Specialist in Agribusiness and Value Chains, IICA Delegation in St. Lucia

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