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Lanzamiento técnico de la iniciativa Agua y Agricultura

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Lanzamiento Técnico de la Iniciativa Agua y Agricultura

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📅 27 de Septiembre, 2023
⏰10:00 AM Venezuela

Eng. Fernando Henrique Kohlmann Schwanke, Director de Proyectos del IICA.

Dr. Fernando Miralles, Dean of George Mason University - USA, researcher, former IDB expert, and technical collaborator of the IICA.

PhD Christopher Neale, Research Director, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, University of Nebraska - USA.

Dr. Rayén Quiroga Martinéz, Chief of the Water and Energy Unit of ECLAC's Natural Resources Division.

Mr. Lucio Javier García Merino, Senior Financial Specialist of the Division, and Ms. Paula Roberts will present the agenda on financial innovation tools in the sector and the Water Funds initiative.

Marie-Laure Lajaunie, Senior Water Resources Specialist of the World Bank


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