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    The Director General of IICA launches the second edition of the book “Warriors” in Iowa, at the Corteva Summit on the Future of agriculture

    IICA was the only international organization participating in the summit of experts, who met to analyze the future of agriculture. The second edition of “Warriors – Rural Women Around the World” was launched in parallel with the presentation of the World Food Prize.
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    Communities in Antigua and Barbuda advance in the control of the giant african snail with the support of IICA

    The presence of the mollusc was detected in 2008 and endangers the country's food security

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    IICA, with support from Corteva Agriscience, launches the second edition of “Warriors – Rural Women around the World”

    This publication, which is also a tribute to women in the countryside, showcases their valuable support at the social, economic, cultural and developmental level in the rural territories of the Americas. It will be launched simultaneously in 14 countries.

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    IICA and EU ACP-CTA workshop to promote trade and investment through agrotourism in the Caribbean

    Technical sessions will focus on models for regional production integration and trade of priority food commodities required by the tourism and the food service sector across the Caribbean

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    Technological advances are revolutionizing regional trade in Mexican avocados

    A methodology that accurately determines the maturity of the fruit is saving farmers from millions of dollars in losses. 

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