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La Charo joins the IICA campaign to recognize workers along the food chain

The call, which was joined by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, recognizes and promotes the labor of the farmers and other workers along the food chain during these times of Covid-19.

San Jose, 23 April 2020 (IICA) -  Argentine folklore expert, singer, composer and percussionist, Charo Bogarín, known simply as La Charo, joined the IICA campaign to recognize workers along the entire food chain.

The campaign has been attracting the participation of artists from all around the Americas, and was launched to recognize and pay tribute to those who put food on our tables during these times of Covid-19.

In addition to famous artists, other organizations and entities, such as the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, have joined the campaign.

Launched by IICA to recognize and thank farmers and those who work in the food chain, the call is bringing together the work of renowned artists who have given freely of their time to the POPULAR MUSIC TRIBUTE TO THOSE WHO WORK DAY TO DAY TO PUT FOOD ON OUR TABLES.

La Charo has guaraní blood and is the great-great-granddaughter of the tribal chief Guayraré. Her music has focused on bringing out the music of her homeland. She is recognized both as a soloist, and as a member of the group Tonolec, which she created along with Diego Pérez, and whose name is inspired by a bird from the chaqueño mountain, which according to ancestral beliefs, has powers over luck and love. 

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All the artists are participating in this campaign on a voluntary basis, as a way of giving back.

IICA will continue to publish the contributions from the artists participating in the campaign on all its digital platforms and those of its partners who are joining the initiative; the hashtags on social media are as follows:








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